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With the release of our new web application, you can now enter your scores for you and your friends and even create new courses as you walk round the golf course!

You'll save time by having your group's Stableford scores already calculated before you reach the bar and your scores will be automatically uploaded to your GolfingRecord account.

Quick Start

To access the mobile site, simply visit on your mobile device. All you need is a WebKit-enabled mobile browser such as those found on iPhone and Android handsets, or the Iris browser for Windows Mobile. It is rumoured that a WebKit-enabled browser will also soon be available for BlackBerry devices.

Enter your GolfingRecord login information and click the Submit button in the top right corner.

You will notice more main menu options appearing soon but in this first release you have just one choice: Manage Rounds.

On the following page you have the option to create a new round or to browse and edit existing rounds.

Creating a new round

When you create a new round you can either select from a list of courses that you have previously created (this list will also include any of your friends' courses), or you can elect to create a new course.

If you decide to create a new course, you will be taken to a form where you can enter the name of the course (the other information on the form is optional). Once you have saved the course name, click the Select Golfers link to choose which players will be included in this round.

If you have created a new course, you can modify the hole information (par, distance, stroke index) on the same page as you will use to enter each golfer's score. Naturally, once you have entered the information for one golfer, you won't need to do it for everyone else!

Whether you have created a new course or are using an existing one you will be asked to select which golfers are playing. Click the name of each golfer to select them - you will notice that their name moves to the top of the page where, if you click it again, you can deselect them.

Once all the golfers have been selected click Finish Adding Golfers.

You are now ready to start entering score and, if necessary, course information.

To review or enter information for a hole, you can simply click the link for the hole in question, or you can select the Next Incomplete Hole link which will take you to the next hole for which at least one of your group has not had a score entered.

If you are the sole golfer in your group, you will be taken directly to the score entry form, but if there is more than one of you, you will be asked to select a golfer first.

On the score form, enter the number of strokes taken. You can click the par icon to populate the strokes field with the current par of the course, which can then be modified by the plus and minus icons.

If you need to update any course information such as par, distance or stroke index, you can scroll to the bottom of the form and enter the information.

All your changes will take effect once you click the Save and Return link.

You will also notice on some pages a View Round Summary link. This will take you to a page which will show you the current scorecards and Stableford scores of each golfer in your group. You can use the Edit This Round link to return to editing individual holes.
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